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Nothing quite speaks to the soul like food, music, and the warmth of camaraderie shared around a table. At the 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile in Negril, Jamaica, we masterfully blend these elements to create evenings that are simply unforgettable. Come, experience the magic of a true Jamaican culinary fiesta at our vibrant culinary events.


Why Choose 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile?

Nestled in the stunning Blue Skies Beach Resort and sitting serenely along the pristine Seven Mile Beach, our restaurant offers a unique dining experience, promising both exquisite flavors and breathtaking views. What makes us special is our remarkable fusion of authentic Jamaican cuisine and innovative, contemporary culinary concepts. From sunup to sundown, we serve mouthwatering dishes that tell a rich story of Jamaica’s cultural heritage, accompanied by a variety of thirst-quenching beverages.


Live Reggae: The Melody of Jamaica

Our restaurant is not just about fine dining—it’s about creating a memorable experience. Every Tuesday and Saturday, starting at 7 pm, we bring Jamaica’s heartbeat to our guests through live reggae performances. These nights are a symphony of soulful music, great food, and vibrant energy, echoing the authentic Jamaican vibe.


Culinary Events: A Gastronomical Journey

Our culinary events at 7 Restaurant are spectacles of flavor and culture that no food lover should miss. They present unique opportunities to dive into the world of Jamaican cuisine and fusion dishes, prepared by our skilled chefs.


Breakfast Rhythms

Start your day with our “Breakfast Rhythms” event, where we showcase traditional and fusion breakfast dishes. Our innovative use of local ingredients in a breakfast spread will delight your palate and set the tone for a fantastic day ahead.


Lunchtime Carnival

For lunch, join us in our “Lunchtime Carnival.” Experience the full spectrum of flavors with our array of classic and fusion dishes that make the midday meal a culinary journey.


Dinner Delights

As the day ebbs, make your way to our “Dinner Delights” event. Indulge in our lavish spread that showcases the breadth and depth of Jamaican cuisine under the starry skies.


Beverage Bonanza

No meal is complete without the right beverage. Our “Beverage Bonanza” will guide you through our vast selection of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, making your meal even more enjoyable.


Fusion Fridays

Every Friday night, we host “Fusion Fridays”, where we present an exciting menu that blends Jamaican flavors with international culinary techniques. Experience the creative brilliance of our chefs in a laid-back beach setting.


Seafood Saturdays

For seafood lovers, our “Seafood Saturdays” offer a lavish seafood spread. Relish the fresh catch of the day, cooked to perfection with our unique Jamaican twist.



Dining at the 7 Restaurant is not just about satiating your hunger; it’s about experiencing a cultural and culinary festival that stays with you long after you’ve left our shores. It’s about the rhythmic reggae beats that meld with the whispering ocean waves, the laughter and conversation that bounce off our walls, and the rich, diverse flavors of our dishes that dance on your tongue.


From early morning breakfasts to late-night dinners, our restaurant guarantees a culinary adventure that caters to all taste buds. As the sun sets, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, the scent of our delicious dishes wafts through the air, enticing you to join us. So why wait? Come and revel in an unforgettable evening of delectable food, refreshing beverages, and enchanting music.


Are you ready for a memorable dining experience at 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile? Experience Jamaica’s heart and soul through our culinary events and enchanting reggae nights. To book your table now, call us at (876) 882-4500. We can’t wait to welcome you to an evening of unforgettable flavors, rhythms, and experiences at Negril’s premier dining destination.

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