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Subtle Waves of Flavor: Dawn Breaks at the 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile

As the sun peeks over the horizon, casting a soft golden glow over the Blue Skies Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica, the day at the 7 Restaurant begins with a delightful symphony of smells and tastes. We’ve taken the traditional Jamaican breakfast and sprinkled it with our unique twist. From the traditional Ackee and Saltfish to our signature Tropical Pancakes, start your day with a dining experience that will awaken your senses and fill your heart with the purest essence of Jamaica.


Immerse Yourself in Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

At 7 Restaurant, we pride ourselves in creating a unique breakfast menu that truly celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Jamaica. Begin your day with our classic Jamaican breakfast – flavorful Ackee and Saltfish, with Fried Dumplings, perfectly encapsulating the soul of our beautiful island.


A Tropical Spin on Your Morning

For those with a penchant for something sweet and savory in the morning, our Tropical Pancakes will hit the spot. These pancakes are gently cooked to a golden hue, laced with an array of tropical fruits, and drizzled with natural honey sourced locally. A fusion dish that embodies our vision of modern Jamaica, served up in a breakfast plate.


7 on 7 Mile: A Midday Fiesta

As the Jamaican sun sits high in the sky, the 7 Restaurant prepares for the midday feast. Our lunch menu draws deeply from the Jamaican culinary roots while incorporating new, innovative elements that will intrigue your palate. It’s a celebration of food and culture, right here on 7 Mile beach.


Authenticity Meets Innovation

Our Jerk Chicken Pasta infuses the traditional fiery flavors of jerk spice into a hearty, comforting dish. By combining perfectly cooked pasta with locally sourced ingredients, we create a meal that’s both satisfying and reminiscent of Jamaica’s rich culinary heritage. Pair it with a cold Red Stripe beer, and you have yourself a quintessential Jamaican dining experience that pleases the palate and nourishes the soul.


A Burst of Seafood Flavors

Located right next to the beach, it’s no wonder that seafood is a star player on our lunch menu. Our Escovitch Fish Sandwich pays homage to one of Jamaica’s favorite dishes. Served with a side of crispy plantain chips, it’s a taste of the ocean you wouldn’t want to miss.


Savoring Sunsets: A Dinner Symphony

As the day winds down, the 7 Restaurant transforms into a magical culinary stage. As the sun sets, painting the sky with hues of pink and purple, we prepare for a dining experience like no other.


A Culinary Voyage

Embark on a culinary voyage with our Grilled Lobster, basted with a homemade garlic and herb butter that’ll have you savoring every bite. Paired with our famous Coconut Rice and Peas, this dinner entrée is a celebration of Jamaican cuisine at its finest.


A Fusion Like No Other

Experience a burst of flavors with our Jamaican Curry Pasta. This dish perfectly blends the spice of Jamaican curry with the creamy texture of pasta. A fusion that transcends borders and offers a unique dining experience under the Caribbean night sky.


Serenaded by Reggae

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, as the night sets in, the melodious tunes of live reggae performances fill the air. Let the rhythm of Jamaica accompany your dinner, making it an experience that feeds both your body and soul.


The Perfect Ending: An Invitation to Indulgence

To end your dining experience on a sweet note, we recommend our signature dessert – the Rum and Raisin Bread Pudding or Carrot Rum Cake. Each bite of these delightful confections embodies the spirit of our island. Whether through the rich, warm depths of flavor found in the bread pudding, highlighted by Jamaican rum and raisins that have been soaked to perfection, or the moist, spiced layers of the carrot rum cake that meld tradition and innovation, these desserts promise a memorable culinary finale full of surprises.


A Jamaican Symphony Awaits You at 7 Restaurant

Every moment at the 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile is a celebration – of food, culture, and the unique spirit of Jamaica. From breakfast to dinner, we invite you to embark on a flavorful journey through Jamaican and Jamaican fusion cuisine.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience our island’s culinary wonders. Dine with us while you’re in Negril. Call us at (876) 882-4500 and reserve your table today. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey. Here every bite tells a story and every dish is a celebration of Jamaica.

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