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Imagine sitting on a warm beach, the sounds of reggae music gently serenading your ears, a cold cocktail in hand, as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea stretching out before you. That is not a fantasy; it’s a regular day at the 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile, located in the Blue Skies Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica.


The 7 Restaurant is not only famous for its unique menu of Jamaican and Jamaican fusion dishes but also for its wide variety of exquisite cocktails. We pride ourselves in providing our guests with an unmatched culinary and mixology experience.


The Art of Mixology at 7 Restaurant


Fresh Ingredients

At 7 Restaurant, we believe in the power of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our cocktail menu showcases the best that Jamaica has to offer, from ripe tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and coconuts, to native herbs and spices that add a kick of Jamaican flavor. These ingredients, combined with premium spirits, create a symphony of flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.


Unique Jamaican Infusions

We pride ourselves on our unique Jamaican infusions. Our expert mixologists experiment with traditional Jamaican ingredients, incorporating them into cocktails in exciting and unexpected ways. Think lemongrass-infused rum, allspice dram, or hibiscus sugar rims – flavors that immediately transport you to our tropical paradise.


Signature Cocktails at 7 Restaurant


The 7 Mile Sunset

The 7 Mile Sunset is our signature cocktail. A luscious blend of local Jamaican rum, passionfruit puree, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a hint of spicy ginger. It’s a tropical delight that captures the enchanting Negril sunsets in a glass.


The Blue Skies Mojito

Embrace the essence of refreshment with our Blue Basil Mojito, a unique take on the classic drink. This vibrant cocktail incorporates freshly picked basil from our garden, replacing the traditional mint for an exciting twist. The basil is muddled with lime and sugar, then combined with Jamaican white rum and a hint of blue curacao, achieving a captivating sky-blue hue. The drink is completed with a splash of soda water, creating a refreshing concoction that’s as invigorating as the Caribbean breeze. Each sip of the Blue Basil Mojito promises a delightful symphony of flavors, making it the perfect accompaniment to a day by the sea.


The Reggae Rum Punch

The Reggae Rum Punch embodies the spirit of Jamaica. This bold cocktail combines Jamaican overproof rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, and a hint of nutmeg. It’s a sweet and potent mix that’s guaranteed to get you grooving to the reggae beat.


The 7 Restaurant Experience

Our cocktail menu is just one part of the unforgettable 7 Restaurant experience. We offer our guests excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. All set against the backdrop of the stunning 7 Mile beach. Moreover, our live reggae performances every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights starting at 7 PM, add to the immersive Jamaican ambiance.



There’s no better way to experience the essence of Negril, Jamaica than by indulging in the tropical delights at 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile. Our menu of exquisite cocktails, crafted with the freshest local ingredients and served with a side of breathtaking views, offers a unique taste of paradise that you won’t soon forget.


Ready to indulge in tropical delights at 7 Restaurant? Come and experience a taste of Jamaica with us. Call us today at (876) 882-4500 to reserve your table. Remember, great experiences and unforgettable memories are just a cocktail away! Come, dine with us, and let the rhythm of Jamaica move you.

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