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In the heart of Negril, a small coastal town nestled along Jamaica’s scenic western edge, there’s a remarkable dining destination that radiates the true essence of this Caribbean paradise. Tucked away on the picturesque 7 Mile beach, 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile, situated within the Blue Skies Beach Resort, has carved out a special niche in the food and cultural scene of Jamaica.


A Jamaican Culinary Adventure Awaits

When you think of Jamaica, images of idyllic beaches, reggae music, vibrant culture, and spicy jerk chicken might flood your mind. This imagery is beautifully captured and served to you on a platter at 7 on 7 Mile.


The Story Behind the Name

7 on 7 Mile captivates not only through its menu and ambiance but also through its meaningful name. Symbolizing its prime location on the world-renowned 7-Mile Beach, reflecting one of the world’s seven wonders, its founding date, and the cultural richness it embraces, every facet of the restaurant converges to craft a uniquely delightful dining journey for every guest.


Immerse in the 7 on 7 Mile Dining Experience

From dawn till dusk, 7 on 7 Mile is abuzz with activities. Mornings at the restaurant start with the fresh aromas of traditional Jamaican breakfast. During the day, visitors indulge in sumptuous lunch delicacies while enjoying the cool sea breeze. As the sun sets, the magic of the place truly unravels, offering dinner under the starlit skies.


The Magic of Jamaican and Jamaican Fusion Cuisine

The menu at 7 on 7 Mile is a food lover’s dream. At 7 on 7 Mile, we reinvent traditional Jamaican cuisine with a creative twist, fusing authentic local flavors with innovative global culinary techniques. The result is a gastronomic feast that excites and satisfies in equal measure.


Music to Your Ears, A Feast for Your Soul

Dine at 7 on 7 Mile, where your culinary journey is accompanied by the vibrant rhythms of live reggae performances twice weekly, ensuring a feast for your senses beyond just taste. Every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 pm, talented artists fill the air with melodious tunes that echo the rhythmic heartbeat of Jamaica.


A Testament to Our Commitment to Excellence

From the very beginning, 7 on 7 Mile has earned accolades for its unwavering dedication to outstanding dining experiences. Every aspect, from premium ingredients to the detailed preparation and presentation, showcases our relentless pursuit of culinary excellence.


Conclusion: A Culinary Gem Worth Discovering

Negril has a multitude of experiences to offer, and a visit to 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile should unquestionably be on your list. The captivating combination of stunning views, authentic and creative cuisine, enchanting music, and warm hospitality makes it a hidden gem that’s worth discovering.


Join us for your next visit!

Ready to experience the unique fusion of culture, flavors, and music at 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile? If you’re planning a visit to Negril. We invite you to step into our little piece of paradise. Get the chance to immerse yourself in a dining experience unlike any other. Call (876) 882-4500 now to reserve your spot on a once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure!

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