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The Culinary Hub of Negril – 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile

Every vacation should start with great food, and there’s no better place than Negril, Jamaica. This coastal paradise boasts of warm beaches, vibrant culture, and world-class cuisine. One restaurant stands out, the ‘7 Restaurant on 7 Mile’, nestled in the stunning Blue Skies Beach Resort. Offering a harmonious blend of traditional Jamaican and fusion dishes, 7 Restaurant is the epitome of Negril’s culture served on a plate.


The 7 Mile Journey to Jamaica’s Gastronomic Heart


The Concept Behind 7 on 7 Mile

7 Restaurant on 7 Mile is not just a place to eat. It’s a journey – a delicious adventure into the heart of Jamaica’s culinary culture. Here, food is an exploration, a celebration of the rich cultural heritage that makes Jamaica so unique.


The Distinct Taste of Jamaica

The ‘7 on 7 Mile’ serves Jamaican cuisine with a twist. Our diverse menu is a fusion of Jamaican classics and innovative culinary experimentation. You’ll find signature dishes, such as jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, alongside unique creations like coconut curry shrimp or the Blue Mountain coffee-rubbed steak.


Music, Melodies, and Mouth-Watering Delights


Reggae Nights and Culinary Delights

A dining experience at the 7 Restaurant isn’t complete without a dose of live reggae performances. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7pm, the rhythms of Jamaica come alive, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant.


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – A Culinary Tour De Force


Kick Start Your Day with a Jamaican Breakfast

Our breakfast menu offers a delightful start to your day. Whether it’s the traditional ackee and saltfish or our fusion dishes like the ‘Jamaican Scramble’, your day in Negril will start on the right note.


Sunny Lunches by the Sea

With the ocean as your backdrop, lunch at the ‘7 on 7 Mile’ is a delightful affair. Our lunch menu features a host of dishes made with fresh local produce, promising an array of flavors that speak volumes of Jamaica’s agricultural richness.


The Grand Jamaican Dinner Experience

Dinner at 7 Restaurant is a grand affair. Our chefs work their magic, creating fusion dishes that showcase the best of Jamaican flavors and global culinary trends.


Quenching Your Thirst, the Jamaican Way

We offer a diverse selection of beverages – from traditional Jamaican drinks like sorrel and ginger beer to a variety of exotic cocktails, fine wines, and local rums. Sip on your drink of choice while the setting sun paints the sky with a palette of colors.


Experience the True Spirit of Jamaica at 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile

If you’re planning a trip to Negril, you must experience the culinary prowess of 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile. Here, every dish is a narrative of the vibrant Jamaican culture and every meal is an unforgettable experience. Soak in the melodies of live reggae music, enjoy the beachfront views, and revel in the fusion of flavors that is uniquely Jamaican.


Don’t just visit Jamaica – taste it, feel it, live it. For reservations or inquiries, please call us at (876) 882-4500. Come, explore the cultural fusion at 7 Restaurant on 7 Mile – where Negril’s vibrant culture is served on a plate, every day.

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